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The Church in Momchilovtsi and its Celebration Day - 21 May

The Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Emperor Constantine and his Mother St. Helen” church was built in 1836.

The Church Tower, the Narthex and the Church Yard were built at the beginning of the XXth c. by Hadji Nedelcho Kanev - an Italian school of Stone Masonry - ( For more information see our page on Stone Masonry)

The Church of Konstantine and Elena is built well below street level as were most of the Churches in the area. It is said that when the Turks finally gave the Bulgarians permission to build their own Churches one of the conditions was that it should not be higher than a "Turk on Horseback".

Another was that it should be completed within 40 days.

Saints' Konstantinos and Elena

Images from the Celebration Festival day on 21 May 2009


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