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A little bit of magic hidden deep in the forest

See Vasil Chuchur video clip


There are many picturesque and leisurely walks and trails surrounding Momchilovtsi where you can wander and explore nature at its very best in the calm and tranquility of the forest high above the village. One such trail takes you past the small Chapel to Dupchov Kamuk - the Stone with the Cross (see our page Visit Places of Interest). Dupchov Kamuk is clearly visible from almost anywhere in the village both by day and night.

But, if you follow the trail just beyond Dupchov Kamuk, you will come agross a little bit of magic hidden deep amonst the pine trees.

This small but awe-inspiring retreat has been lovingly created by Vasil, a wood carver, from branches and wood found laying on the forest floor using skills learned by him as a young boy. Vasil was born and bred in Momchilovtsi.



For more images of the retreat and Vasil's wood carving see our gallery page.


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