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welcome to Momchilovtsi, Bulgaria

"" There is an old legend that says God summoned all the peoples of the earth to give each of them a piece of nature's beauty. He wanted them all to have a share of his creation.

But it so happened that the Bulgarians turned up late and there was no earthly beauty left for God to give them ..... so God presented them with a piece of Heaven. ""

And this is never more true than of Momchilovtsi.

Cradled in the arms of the magical pine forest and Chapels that surround it, hidden away high in the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria and located in the heart of the one of the greenest and most picturesque Rhodope Mountains, lies the unforgettable village of Momchilovtsi.

The surrounding area boasts a favourable geographic location and the clear air and pure waters make it an ideal location to live in and a popular holiday location.

Whether you are an artist, painter, or writer looking for inspiration, or you are simply looking for a tranquil and relaxing holiday, the beautify of the Rhodope mountains and this picturesque friendly village will be everything you hoped for and will not disappoint you.

There are also so many places of great historical interest to visit and guided walks taken at leisure through the calming atmosphere of the forests and glades.

St Petka ChapelOn the other hand, if you are looking for a more active holiday with winter and summer activities, sports and adventures with lots of fun and challenges the Fun (Snowboard) Park at Kartola is perfect for you. It has snowboarding, skiing, ski-doing, climbing, mountain biking, trekking, walking and much more.

It has good transport access, a favourable mountain climate with a marked Mediterranean influence, clear steams with an abundance of Balkan trout, a wealth of wild fruit, herbs and mushrooms, rich and varied flora and fauna, protected natural areas and wildlife reserves.

Momchilovtsi is also a popular ethnographic centre that has preserved its original folklore, traditions, crafts and ancient traditions of the Christian Religion and culture.

The Momchilovtsi Tourist Information Centre has been set up to promote the natural unspoilt beauty of the Village and the Rhodope Mountains. It is funded by the AGORA Platform - Active Communities for Development Alternatives is a not-for-profit, voluntary association of physical and legal entities.

It is the aim of the Tourist Information Centre to provide tourist and visitors with as much information as possible about the Village itself, the lifestyle and history, places of interest to visit, local arts and crafts and the many sporting and leisure activites.


House for sale
€ 72,000
Momchilovtsi village

*Appeal for Donations
for the urgent repair of the Museum in Momchilovtsi

Discover the magic of Momchilovtsi

Find the wood carver's magical
retreat hidden in the forest

See Vasil Chuchur video clip

Visit the Chapel and read
the legend of Ayazmoto

* Ecotrail Geological history of the village and Places
of Interest to visit

and gifts

Visit the Tourist Information Centre to buy a wide variety of crafts

W ood carving, bags and woven carpets in bright Rodope colours, knitted clothing including the traditional Bulgarian slippers.

and much, much more .....

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