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Latest News & Recent Events


The traditional festival of Haidushki Meadows on 16 August starts at 1 pm.

The festival is organized by Momchilovtsi, Vievo, Kutela, Slaveyno and Petkovo village


Trustees at NS "Light 1925 - Momchilovci m. Smolyan

(see The Momchilovtsi Museum page)

We are appealling for donations in our endeavor to maintain and repair the Museum in the village Momchilovci.

The idea of creating a museum in Momchilovtsi's father Konstantin Kanev who became the largest donor. It was launched by the Community Centre management chaired by Pascal Arnaoudov, cultural figures and population Momchilovtsi who enthusiastically created the museum for its history and culture. It was founded in 1964

In 1967 Professor Michael Karapaunov opened the art gallery in the library. At the request of Prof. Karapaunov classics of Bulgarian painting donated their works. Again, organization and implementation of the idea are under the direction of the library led by Pascal Arnaoudov.
Later paintings from the gallery and exhibits from the museum up the exposure and the Museum, housed in a specially built for that purpose building, which opened in 1980.

Today, the museum stores over 3,000 exhibits. Besides receiving visitors to view the museum exhibitions, it is used for anniversaries of cultural figures, and displays portraits and book presentations. The Museum in Momchilovci was created with love and enthusiasm. It is a sacred place and pride for each Momchilovets.

Since its establishment, the museum has been operated and maintained by NS "Light 1925" - Momchilovtsi. It is one of the cultural centers activities. Maintenance of exhibits and the building requires a lot of resources that the library cannot now afford. Since the opening of the museum building, the roof was made partly renovated in 2000. Currently the roof is in a critical condition which endangers the building, exhibits and passersby museum.

Therefore, the Trustees at NS "Light 1925" - Momchilovts,i with a group of young enthusiasts, took the initiative to raise funds and volunteers to repair the museum in the village Momchilovtsi. We are now asking everyone who cares about their native land to help preserve the material monuments of our history to support us in keeping the museum in Momchilovtsi open!

We hope for your understanding and look forward to your support!

Thank you for your interest and consideration

For donations and information please contact either 0876 484894 - Goldie Kisova or 0876 484994 - Vaska Mavrodieva

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