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Village lifestyle

Momchilovtsi is a large village (see About Momchilovtsi for facts and figures) and, unlike many other villages in the Rhodope Mountains and other parts of Bulgaria, it has many young people living here.
It is a thriving, busy, very friendly community with a very good mix of traditional and modern lifestyles, amenities and activities. It has its own Internet Cafe, Town Hall, Post Office, Night Club with several hotels, restaurants and shops - in fact everything to support and entertain its residents and visitors alike
Many traditions are celebrated in the Village Centre with visitors coming from the far and wide. It also has its own dedicated sports centre for summer and winter sports centre, walking, trekking and many other leisure activities.
Although the lifestyle in Momchilovtsi appears predominantly tranquil, easy going and relaxed it is not without its hustle and bustle. Every morning the cafes in the village centre are filled with people drinking coffee, passing the time of day before they go off to work.

They are then followed by the parents who have just taken their children to kindergarten or school and meet each other to discuss the events of day.
Momchilovtsi also has its own kindergarten and school and there must be something really special in the crystal clean air and pure clear water as there are approximately 20 sets of twins who live in the village.

Listening the sound of children laughing and playing outside on warm sunny days and evenings brings a smile to the lips and a sense of well being.

Night time in Momchilovtsi is just as lively as many people go out to eat and socialise in the restaurants. Meals are eaten at a very leisurely, unhurried pace and a typical meal starts with the Shopska salad accompanied by a glass of rakia. Patatnik (made from local potatoes) is the local dish and the whole procedure can last well into the small hours of the morning at weekends on on Celebration days.

The nightclub, Oasis, it is also very popular with young (and not so young). Many young people come from as far as Smolyan and Plovdiv every Friday evening to dance and socialise with the sound of music filling the night air.

As an example of the traditional way of life, the months of June and July herald the Haymaking season which is a very important time of the year. To see how the men deftly use the scythes with slow, definite sweeps, stopping only momentarily to sharpen the blade, is like watching a work of great art being performed.

Haymaking is not just a male dominated ritual. The woman go to the fields, with pitchforks/rakes over their shoulders, and spend the day raking the hay into uniform, neat mounds ready for collection.

You may also notice during this time that if the cut and bundled hay is quickly covered with the plastic sheets it is a guaranteed sign that it rain is on the way.

Animals also play a very large part in the life of Momchilovtsi. As there are no specific pastures for the sheep and cows to graze in it is a common site to see the shepherds on the surrounding hills, minding his flock.
Another common site is seeing people leading their cows and goats round the village on a piece of rope to let them graze. These animals are very "street wise"" and often step onto the curb as you approach them in a car and then return to the road when you have passed by.

As the evening falls in Momchilovtsi the Crosses light up. When the sky is inky black and all the stars are bright in the sky the Crosses beam out across the village and can be seen from almost every home in the village.
The darkness becomes more intense when the street lights go out at 11.30 every night. It is is though you are being told that you too should be tucked up in bed "under the stars and protection of the Crosses".

In the quietness of the night air and the magic of the thousands of stars twinkling in the sky you feel that you are hidden away safe and secure in a very special place and you are - because you are in Momchilovtsi.


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