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Vidoe of Momchilovtsi and activitiesMomchilovtsi Village - a short video of the village, the leisure and sport activities at Kartola and the surrounding forests and areas. Momchilovtsi is located high in the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria in the heart of the one of the greenest and most picturesque Rhodope Mountains.In the 2000s it began to establish itself as a centre of tourism, with its Fun (Snowboard) Park and small friendly family-run hotels, restaurants and shops and all-year-round sports facilities.

Directions to Kartola Map and directions to Kartola Fun (Snowboard) Park See our Sports and Leisure Activities page for information on Kartola, the opening times, ski equipment hire prices and other activities

National Astronomical Observatory - Rozhen - is one of the five biggest observational complexes in Bulgaria and is located near Momchilovtsi Village. There are 4 telescopes the biggest of which is the two-meter long mirror telepscope

Yagodinska Cave is located 3 km south-west of the village of Yagodina. It represents a three-level labyrinth of total length of 10km and is one of the deepest caves in Bulgaria. A walk along the well-lit tourist trail (1100 m.) reveals impressive rock formations of stalactites and stalagmites, as well as other shapes resembling stone curtains and cave pearls. Archeological objects dating from the 4th and 5th centuries BC have also been discovered there.The temperature in the cave is stationary at +6 C, while the humidity is 92%: BG link: Yagodinska Cave

Planetarium with astronomical observatory - Smolyan, Bulgariya On September 6th 1975, the biggest Planetarium with public observatory in Bulgaria opened its doors in the town of Smolyan. Smolyan is a tourist center in the West Rhodopes lying 800 m above sea level, near the famous Bulgarian winter resort of Pamporovo. The Planetarium is the town's most frequently visited place of interest. For the past 30 years it has been visited by 2,200,000 people. The planetarium and observatory complex works with no day off and has a staff of 10 people.

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