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Momchilovtsi -Location and How to Get There

Where is Momchilovtsi - it is located in the South East in the Balkan Mountains of Bulgaria and in heart of the Central Rhodopes. It is just a short drive from the Pamporovo Ski Resort and its Municipality Town of Smolyan

This Rhodope village is placed high in the mountains with an altitude of 1070-1280m and lies 240 km from the International Airports of Sofia and 80 km from Plovdiv and 14 km from the nearest town of Smolyan.

Getting to Momchilovtsi - A bus service runs from Sofia Bus Station to Pamporovo a couple of times a day. With the recent opening of the new Plovdiv Airport the transfer to Momchilovtsi has been significantly reduced from the 4 hours from Sofia to 2 hours from Plovdiv.

There are also several local recommended companies who do airport transfers for very competitive prices.

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The journey by road is very straightforward from both airports etc and is well signposted in both English and Bulgarian. When travelling South from Sofia, Plovdiv or central Bulgaria the mountain journey starts at Asenovgrad and travels up past Narechenski Bani, Hvyona, Chepelare and Pamporovo.

There are three routes into the village: one from the North of the village from Banite & Kutela.

The other two (mostly used) are from the main Plovdiv to Smolyan road. At the very top when you reach the wide open space of Rozhen (about 5 minutes from the right turn for Pamporovo) there is a road junction. At this junction you can either carry straight on down into Sokolovci at the bottom of the mountain road. Halfway through Sokolovci is the left hand turning for Momchilovtsi village.

Alternatively, you can take the turning to the left that goes towards Laki, past the Observatory and on to the beauty spot of Haydushki Polyani. It is on this road that the Fun (Snowboard) Park can be found at Kartola, near the junction which leads down into Momchilovtsi

This route is slightly longer but is memorable and picturesque all year round. At times, when the snow is deep, this road is closed. But if you do decide to take this road when it is open the views and scenery cannot fail to enchant and overwhelm you.

A feeling of being at peace with the environment is pure magic to the senses. All feelings of stress and tension are immediately swept away with the beauty of the surrounding hills. As you drive towards the village through pine forests and fields of swaying grasses and wild flowers, past small wooden huts and buildings, the views will be engraved on your memory forever.

Then as you enter the village Momchilovtsi will welcome you with open arms into its secure and calm atmosphere. When it is time to leave you may do so with a tear in your eye.

You will not fail to take with you so many wonderful memories of days spent in a little bit of heaven in the mountains which will always have a special place in your heart.

It is said that if Bulgaria takes your heart she will never give it back - this is most definitely true for Momchilovtsi.

Tourist Information Centre, Cultural Centre, 5 Elitsa Str. Momchilovtsi Village 4750, Smolyan District, Bulgaria