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About Momchilovtsi

Momchilovtsi Village sign
Momchilovtsi came about from a crater which eventually filled with water forming the amphitheatre shape of the valley in which the village is now located. During the Tertiary the Rhodope mountains rose and the rivers dried up it formed the rocky slopes which surround the village.

In the centre of Momchilovtsi is the Ancient Orthodox church surrounded by the medical centre, commercial buildings, and many family-run restaurants and hotels/guest houses. Also in the Village Centre there is an Historial Museum with a picture gallery.

Around the perimeter of the village are 24 chapels which are said to protect the village (see pages on Chapels and Walks).

In the 2000s Momchilovtsi began to establish itself as a centre of tourism, and more specifically snowboarding and village tourism, with its Fun (Snowboard) Park and small friendly family-run hotels, restaurants and shops and all-year-round sports facilities. The road turning into the Village is located on the main route from Plovdiv to Smolyan, North of Smolyan and East of Pamporovo (see map on the left).

The village is a wonderful place for a relaxing, stress-free lifestyle within the picturesque beauty and tranquility of the village with views over the surrounding hills and mountains and pine forests. The well-known healing properties of the ancient pine forests are a distinct advantage to those suffering from respiratory and bronchial problems.

Snowboarding at the Snowboard ParkIt is also within touching distance of the Fun (Snowboard) Park at Kartola (see our Activities section) and the famous ski resort of Pamporovo (16km), making it a popular base for winter snow and ski activities. Pamporovo is known as the sunniest ski resort in Bulgaria and possibly Europe

Throughout the remaining seasons of the year the surrounding mountains and rivers offer superb hiking, caving, trout fishing and hunting and many other activities and places to visit.

Although classified as a village Momchilovtsi is large in size (see Facts and Figures below) and enjoys all the amenities and facilities of a town with many hotels, restaurants, shops, a Post Office, Town Hall, and a good internet connection.

The village has a very good main infrastructure and the roads are extremely well maintained throughout the winter months. It also has a very good central water, electricity, and sewerage supply.

The houses and properties in the village are built within an “amphitheatre" shape with hills and forest on 3 sides with the village cradled in the centre and is only 10km from the nearest town of Smolyan. Also, a road widening and upgrading project currently underway on the main road from Plovdiv (via Smolyan) to Greece is nearing completion, making the journey from Momchilovtsi to the Aegean Sea possible in 1.5 - 2 hours.
One of the Two Crosses in Momchilovtsi
A significant feature of Momchilovtsi are the two Crosses which face each other from opposite hills in the village.
These Crosses are approximately 10 foot high and are lit up at night and many say that this is to protect the village and its inhabitants throughout the night.

In the surrounding area of Momchilovtsi is the National Observatory and the historical beauty spot of Haydushki Polyani. Also, the balneology centres (spa towns) of Banite and Devin, are popular for their open-air hot mineral spring, with water temperature at around 43c. Many people visit the spa towns to enjoy their healing waters which is said to help with nervous complaints and pains from arthritis and rheumatism

The four seasons of Momchilovtsi

Momchilovtsi and the Central Rhodopes enjoy four very distinct seasons each year and the pageantry of each season tells its own story.

winter scene Winter in Momchilovtsi is dominated by its snowfall and mostly sunny days. The sun shining on the icy crystals gives a kaleidoscope of colours and the entire village is wrapped in a cloak of pure white soft snow

Momchilovtsi in Spring Winter gives way to Spring which is turn adds a new light with its abundance of white blossoms and soft green shoots on the fruit trees, shrubs and grass. There is a promise in the air of new life and its beauty is unrivaled.


Summer time in Momchilovtsi is usually warm and sunny with blue skies and fluffy white clouds. With a gentle breeze it is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the warm sunny days.

Momchilovtsi in AuturmLast but not least is Autumn - and Momchilovtsi in Autumn has to be seen to be believed. With colours ranging from pinks to deep red, bright yellows to gold and every imaginable shade of green and brown - it is an artists and photographers heaven and absolutely breathtaking.

Facts and Figures about Momchilovtsi

Other spellings of the name: Momchilovci, Momchilovtsi
In Bulgarian Alphabets:
Location: South-Central Bulgaria
Distance to capital city: 165.433 km from Sofia
Latitude: 41.66667N
Longitude: 24.78333E
Altitude: 1000m+ above sea level
Province: Smolyan District
Municipality: Smolyan Municipality
Area size of Village of Momchilovtsi: 40.464km2
Population of Village of Momchilovtsi: 1750+ inhabitants
Post code (ZIP) of Village of Momchilovtsi: 4750
Phone code of Village of Momchilovtsi: 03023 from Bulgaria, 003593023 from outsid

Tourist Information Centre, Cultural Centre, 5 Elitsa Str. Momchilovtsi Village 4750, Smolyan District, Bulgaria