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Momchilovtsi Museum

The Museum in Momchilovtsi is in the Centre of the Village opposite the Tourist Information Centre. It houses many interesting pictures, paintings, artifacts and items of cultural interest.

Opening times are 9am to 5pm 7 days a week.
The entrance fee is 1 lev per person.

The Historical Museum of Momchilovtsi was opened in 1964 with the help of the whole village. Its creation was initiated by the intelligence around the Cultural Centre, the so called Chitalishte. It is a non-governmental organization, typical for every Bulgarian settlement.

The museum was created with a lot of enthusiasm, mainly with exhibits, donated by the village inhabitants. Several years after that professor portraitist Mihail Karapaunov, who was born in Momchilovtsi, gave the idea an art gallery to be created towards the museum. Due to his influence and authority a lot of classic Bulgarian painters donated their pictures to our small gallery.

Some of Mihail Karapaunov’s marvelous portraits are owned by the museum. The other pictures were bought or were received from the plain air-paintings, organised by the Cultural Centre. Today we are happy to own really valuable works of classic and modern Bulgarian painting.

The Museum is set out in 5 separate halls as follows:

On entering the Museum you are greeted by a large tree trunk bedecked with the traditional bells.They are the symbols of the shepherd's trade which had been the main occupation in the Rhodopes from the Ancient times to the beginning of the XXth c..

Hall 2 - includes archeological materials from the Ancient Times and the Middle Ages and historical artifacts from the Bulgarian Renaissance.

Hall 3 and Hall 4 - represents the Renaissance way of life and crafts in the village – the shepherd’s trade, the building-trade, the manufacturing of homespun and omespun tailoring, the professional fishery, the blacksmithery and the cooper’s trade.

Hall 1 and Hall 5 - shows the most valuable works owned by the museum of classic Bulgarian painting.

The pride of the collection is the so called "Baraks" - three great masters connected with the Rhodope region:

Vassil Barakov (1902-1991) is represented by one early creation and two marvelous landscapes of Smolyan in the thirties (see image on right)

David Perez (1906-1982) whose works include the painting of a local forest keeper and another painted at the start of his career, and

Zlatiu Boyadjev (1903-1976) donated a picture painted by him during the latter part of his career.

The collection of landscapes also includes many other prominent artists which hang alongside and complement those paintings done by later generations.

Tourist Information Centre, Cultural Centre, 5 Elitsa Str. Momchilovtsi Village 4750, Smolyan District, Bulgaria