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SAVE/GEO Tourism Centre

The Bulgarian Heritage National Association, the Western Norway Research Institute and Smolyan Municipality have established a Project for SAVE/GEO Tourism Center and Development of SAVE Tourism - Destination in Smolyan Region.

The funding for this project is provided by Norwagian Government through Innovation Norway according to grant scheme Eea Grants and Norway Grants. See below for information about the Mission and Aims for the SAVE Centre.

The Old School after the completion of the renovation and at the opening in May 2011

during its renovation in July 2010 to April 2011

as it was when it was original opened in 1885


About the Project:

The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the sustainable development of the Rhodope cross-border region throughout management and enhancement of local natural, cultural, infrastructure and human resources.

The project is expected to strengthen the overal social and economic development of the region and to influence positively the overall quality of the tourism industry on a national level.

The Old School which is located in the Centre of Momchilovtsi is located opposite the Momchilovtsi Tourist Information Centre, has been chosen as The SAVE Centre. This is the first of its kind in the country and the region. It will be a leading force for the economic growth of the region through sustainable tourism, a contributor to the diversification of the country's tourism portfolio and image, and a model for SAVE Centres around the world.

Its mission is to enable the destination to create tourism products that service the SAVE travel market and to link those products to their respective markets. The establishment and operation of the SAVE Centre will be based on three main principles:

  • Financial viability and independence
  • Adherence to the principles of Geotourism
  • Advancement of knowledge

The Old School, chosen as the Centre for this Project and is currently under re-construction and renovation. Further images will be added as the reconstruction and renovation develops.

For further information on the Project please contact the Momchilovtsi Tourist Information Centre


Tourist Information Centre, Cultural Centre, 5 Elitsa Str. Momchilovtsi Village 4750, Smolyan District, Bulgaria